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Health Camp :

Tree Plantation :

School Health Checkup:

World Yoga Day :

Welcome & Send off Ceramony :

World Ayurved Day :

Ganesh Festival :

Kolhapur Zonal Selection Trial Org. by MUHS - Nashik :

Maha Avayav Daan Janjagruti Rally :

Awards & Achievements :

1)  Achievement by Students -

a) Miss. Khule Ayodhya Namdev – First Rank in University exam in the subject of  Charak Samhita (U).

b) Mr. Sujit Eknath Kadam – He was awarded for E location.

c) Miss. Rutuja More – University Ranker in year 2014-15.

d) Spandan –Got IInd Price for Indian Focal Song in Singing Compitition 

Best Work Award by NACO :

              Best work Award for HIV Testing for ANC by CPR Hospital Kolhapur ( NACO ) to Pathology Department.


Our Institute has go ISO 9001:2015 accreditation this year


New Envents and Achivements 2017 -2018